If you are looking for inspiring, insightful, and educational adult coloring blogs, you’ve come to the right place.  Here are the 25 absolute best adult coloring blogs online.

As you know, there has been a huge explosion of adult coloring blogs in the past couple of years.  But we have put together a list of the absolute cream of the crop coloring blogs.

Whether you are a new colorist or and an old pro, these adult coloring blogs give you the tools, tips, and techniques you need to take your coloring to a whole new level.

Johanna Basford, Adult Coloring BlogsJohanna Basford

Johanna is the best-selling illustrator of the uber popular Secret Garden and Enchanted Forest coloring books.  Her blog is filled with great tutorials, special giveaways and she gives her audience sneak peeks at her upcoming projects.

Find her blog at: JohannaBasford.com   Follow her @johannabasford on Twitter



Jet Pens, Adult Coloring BlogsJet Pens

We’ve been huge fans of Jen Pens ever since it’s founders, Lillian Kim, Adrian Mak, and Shu Yao, started the site back in 2005.  They have some of the coolest and best coloring supplies from Japan, Europe, and the US.  And their blog includes excellent reviews and demos of most of their products.  This site is a must if you love great coloring supplies.

Find their blog at:  Jetpens.com  Follow them @JetPens on Twitter



Jenean Morrison, Adult Coloring BlogsJenean Morrison

Jenean is a painter and surface textile designer from Memphis, Tennessee.  She is the author of 14 coloring books currently available at Amazon. In her blog she gives her readers a behind the scenes view of her creativeprocess and offers some expert tips to colorists.

Find her blog at: JeneanMorrison.net   Follow her @jeneanmorrison on Twitter



Cleverpedia, adult coloring blogsCleverpedia

Adrienne at Cleverpedia.com, is serious about providing her readers with the most up-to-date reviews of the latest
coloring books available. Her blog offers practical tips that any colorist can employ to up their coloring game. Cleverpedia also features the most
comprehensive list of local coloring clubs you can find anywhere online.

Find her her blog at: Cleverpedia.com  Follow her @cleverpedia on Twitter



Claire Eadie, Adult Coloring BlogColour With Claire

Claire has an awesome colouring blog out of the UK.  She provides her readers with regular reviews of the latest colouring books and offers some
excellent video tutorials that will take your colouring to the next level. Her personal journey with colouring is truly inspiring.

Find her blog at: Colourwithclaire.com   Follow her @colourwclaire onTwitter


Adult Coloring Blogs


In keeping with their beautiful products, the Prismacolor blog offers some really top-notch coloring tips and techniques.  In addition, its “studio”
is a great place to show off your work and connect with other colorists around the world.

Find the blog at: blog.prismacolor.com Follow @PrismacolorUS on Twitter


Adult Coloring BlogsColoring Book Addict

If you want to learn about the coolest new coloring books, head over to coloringbookaddict.com. The author provides detailed reviews of all of the
latest coloring books and great pro tips to new colorists. I also encourage you to check out her in-depth coloring supply reviews. She has everything
you need to get started.

Find her blog at: Coloringbookaddict.com   Follow her@ColoringAddicts on Twitter



Odessa_Begay, Adult Coloring BlogsOdessa Begay

Odessa is a surface designer and illustrator who has recently released 3 stunning coloring books, including a gorgeous Edgar Allan Poe coloring
book.  Her blog is filled with mood boards that have inspired us to approach coloring in a whole new way.

Find her blog at: Odessabegay.com Follow her @odessabegay on Twitter



Thaneeya Mcardle, adult coloring blogThaneeya McArdle

Thaneeya is a prolific artist and illustrator with more than a dozen coloring books to her name. She offers some great lessons on painting,
drawing, and coloring on her blog. She also generously allows free downloads of her coloring pages on her site, Art-is-fun.com.

Find her blog at: art-is-fun.com  Follow her @ThaneeyaMcArdle Twitter



NerdyMamma, Adult Coloring BlogNerdy Mamma

Chantel and Darlene of NerdyMamma.com have created a delightful blog for all the nerdy mammas out there. Their site offers excellent parenting tips with a focus on crafts and projects for kids. I also encourage you to check out their great selection of free coloring pages on their site.

Find their blog at: Nerdymamma.com  Follow them @NerdyMammaD on Twitter



Emma Farrarons, Adult Colouring BlogsEmma Farrarons

Emma is an illustrator and graphic designer with a delightful series of coloring books called Mindfulness Colouring .  Her blog offers a sneak peek at her creative process and is filled with lovely photographs of her daily life and work.

Find her blog at: Unpetitblog.com  Follow her @EmmaFarrarons on Twitter



The_Paper_Mill_Store, Adult Coloring BlogThe Paper Mill Store

The Paper Mill Store out of Sun Prairie, WI,  offers some unique tips for colorists on their blog. Learn everything from color theory to which paper is best to use when printing out coloring pages.  This hidden gem is filled with little tricks that will surely take your coloring further.  We simply love this blog!

Find their blog at: blog.thepapermillstore.com  Follow them @PaperMillStore on Twitter



Adult Coloring blogsAdult Coloring Blog

With excellent coloring tutorials, videos, and coloring book reviews, AdultColoringblog.com, is a site you want to be following.  One very special feature of this blog is their color palette page.  If you are ever stuck on what color palette to use, this is a great resource for some inspiration.

Find their blog at: Adultcoloringblog.com   Follow them at @coloringstore Twitter



Adult Coloring BlogsI Like Markers

Marianne at I Like Markers is the North American Product Director for Copic Markers. She has written 4 books on coloring with Copic markers and provides a wealth of marker tips and techniques on her site.  She also keeps a handy list of upcoming workshops and events on her blog.  If you love to color with markers, this is a blog you will want to follow.

Find her blog at: ilikemarkers.blogspot.com  Follow her @ilikemarkers on Twitter



Adult Coloring BlogsWendy Piersall

Wendy is a serial entrepreneur, turned coloring book artist who has been blogging since 2006.  Her coloring blog is filled with free coloring page downloads of her work as well as personal anecdotes of how she works and makes a living as an artist.

Find her blog at: Wendypiersall.com  Follow her@emom on Twitter



easy-peasy-and-fun-andrejaEasy Peasy and Fun

Andreja at Easypeasyandfun.com, is a blogger and craft expert. Her blog covers a wide variety of creative project including crafts for kids, recipes, and a ton of free downloadable coloring pages.

Find her blog at: Easypeasyandfun.com   Follow her @EasyPeasyandFun on Twitter



Adult Coloring Supplies2 Old 2 Color

Cheryl at 2old2color.com, is a bestselling novelist and coloring book author.  She has published a series of adult coloring books that she sells directly from her site and on Amazon.  Her blog includes loads of coloring book reviews, detailed coloring book supply reviews and great coloring tips for all skill levels.

Find her blog at: 2old2color.com  Follow her @2old2color on Twitter



Coloring Book ReviewsAdult Coloring Worldwide

AdultColoringWorldwide.com offers it’s readers exhaustive coloring book reviews, news from the adult coloring world, and an expansive listing of Colorists. The amount of helpful information on this site must be seen to be believed.

Find them at: AdultColoringWorldwide.com Follow them @cherylcolors on Twitter



Coloring Mental HealthColouring In The Midst of Madness

Lucy at Colouring in the Midst of Madness, candidly shares her personal struggles with anxiety and how colouring helps her manages her chronic anxiety.  For anyone who uses colouring to help manage stress and anxiety, this is a blog you definitely want to follow.

Find her at: Colouringinthemidstofmadness.wordpress.com   Follow her @ColouringITMOM on Twitter



coloringqueenColoring Queen

Lea at Coloring Queen found adult coloring after looking for a way to reduce stress in her life.  Now she blogs regularly about the latest adult coloring books, coloring products, and has great monthly giveaways.

Find her at: Coloringqueen.net  Follow her @coloring_queen  on Twitter



Gretchen Peterson, Adult Coloring BlogGretchen Peterson

This isn’t your typical adult coloring blog.  Grethen is a cartographer by trade and recently published the lovely City Maps coloring book.  She gives her readers a behind the scenes view of a cartographer’s life and how she creates her maps.  If you are looking for a truly unique and beautiful coloring book, you can’t go wrong with City Maps.

Find her at: Gretchenpeterson.com  Follow her @PetersonGIS on Twitter



Colouring Reviews,Colouring Reviews

Prue at Colouring Reviews is an adult colouring blogger from New Zealand.  Her blog provides in-depth reviews of the latest colouring books to hit the market.  If you are trying to decide what colouring book to buy next, stop by her blog first.

Find her at:  Colouringreviews.blogspot.co.nz  Follow her @Insidethe_Lines on Twitter



Adult ColoringForever Colorful

Lauren at Forever Colorful found her passion for coloring after a difficult time in her life.  Her blog, Forever Colorful, covers how coloring can improve your health and how to get started coloring.  Her latest post includes an introduction to color palettes and a free color scheme worksheet.

Find her at: Forevercolorful.com  Follow her @colorful_lauren on Twitter



Adult Coloring 101Adult Coloring 101

If your are new to coloring, Adult Coloring 101 is a great place to get started.  Their blog offers extensive reviews of coloring books, colored pencils and pens, and other coloring supplies.  Their latest posts include “6 Halloween Coloring Books to Get Into the Spirit” and “Autumn Magic: Gorgeous Autumn Patterns to Color”.

Find them at: Adult-Coloring-101.com    Follow them at @_AdultColoring on Twitter



Adult Coloring BlogColoring Tool Kit

Coloring Tool Kit is a Coloring book and supply retailer.  Their blog covers everything from the health benefits of coloring to the choosing the perfect palette for your next coloring page.  Their latest post include “Coloring is the Key to Reducing Stress” and the “5 Best Ways to Use Mandala Coloring Books”.

Find them at: Coloringtoolkit.com   Follow them @coloringtoolkit on Twitter